Action of Gregorius Advena

Why Literature?

To me as a polyglot writer, the free word can express tragedy and transcendence. Maybe Aristotle was right: Being exposed to dread and pity purifies our emotions and turns us into better people. But time has proved to us, not last with the Holocaust, that catharsis is a fragile miracle. The free word is an imperfect means of fixing the world. Yet we would be much worse without the art of writing. I am offering a small contribution to the unborn that will outlive me.


I believe in democracy as the spirit of rule of law, universal rights and concord among the peoples. This is what the people’s participation should express. Democracy should address people’s concrete worries, yet in order to thrive it requires an abstract understanding, too. It requires enlightenment to achieve its full potential.


The mind can be cultivated just as a garden is. The culture of minds requires study and discipline. People should focus on what they can do best, but one should be open for as many areas of knowledge as possible. Enlightenment is free commitment to knowledge and reason. It emancipates us.

Where everyone is only good at one thing, democracy cannot thrive. An expert only knows his or her field. Yet the enlightened will meddle in other areas and speak when expected to be silent. This is what democracy needs.

Enlightenment is an existential duty. I use this site to share what I know and what I do. Many will wonder who I am to say this, thinking that my cultural ambition is arrogance. Such are mindsets I cannot change. The authority to enquire and question the world is given naturally.

Universal Rights

I believe some things are given to us by default, by the very fact we were born – such as the right to live. I believe in dignity. Human existence is difficult, and we are all exposed to it. This makes me feel compassion for everyone who is born and must bear this world. We are united in our fragility, and this is our dignity. It emerges unconditionally, and it is the source of rights that exist regardless of any written law. They show us the path from the human to the humane.

Sustainable Living

For a better future, we need to explore new avenues of common livelihood. The cooperative and sustainable way of living will lead to prosperity, provide opportunities and protect the environment. The fate of places like the Aral Sea makes me sad.

These goals can only succeed together with enlightenment. I believe in community life that enables life-long education and self-cultivation. Without enlightenment, sustainability becomes an alternative technocracy.

If you are interested in philosophy, have a look at my reading list. This is a good start for beginners.

Ethical Internet

I welcome the meaning of the Internet for civilisation. It has left an irreversible impact on our lives. As a member of the Internet Society, I advocate the values of freedom, accessibility and neutrality. The Internet is our heritage, but much of it is used for evil, and much work is needed to ensure the benefits will prevail.

Classical Culture

Much of my work is a dialogue with the Ancient Greek and Roman heritage. You cannot understand democracy, enlightenment and even poetry without resorting to the world of the classics.

Recognising the heritage Latin has left, I promote and cultivate this language as much as I can. I use it beyond conventionalism. I work in proud collaboration with The Modern School of Latin.


Making a difference begins locally. I make a personal contribution to a few projects that inspire me. They teach me compassion and perseverance. Click and read more about them:


My own initiatives focus on enlightenment. I try to bring books to remote regions. I support free artists and intellectuals. I explore innovative ways of communication and publishing.

There are many ways to help my initiatives and my writing. Money, time, effort, ideas, words – these are all powerful tools. They are always welcome, and they will not go to waste. Get in touch!