Hammer Wood

Hammer Wood

Hammer Wood is a forest in East Sussex (UK) that belongs to the Buddhist monastery Cittaviveka. I often volunteer during the forest week in July and the forest month in November. People from all over the world come together to support the conservation work. In a world plagued by deforestation and environmental challenges, Hammer Wood stands out as a beacon of hope in the south of England.

Conservation Work

Twice a year, Hammer Wood welcomes volunteers to take part in the conservation work. This includes clearing paths, planting and protecting trees, encouraging wild-life and removing invasive species from land and water. Our work has enabled threatened plants and animals to return to their original home.

Hammer Wood

A special gem is the Hammer Pond. In the winter, it floods the low parts of the forest, creating attractive meanders for wild-life. In the last centuries, one third of the original size has dried up. An important focus is to prevent further decrease in the lake volume.

The forest speaks – sounds from Hammer Wood, recorded in a special place.

Peace and Regeneration

Whoever has walked quietly in a forest knows how special nature is. How beautiful to hear the birds! Walk, and surrender to the embrace of the trees. You will find a spot to sit and meditate, or contemplate.

From the Kinderszenen. Fast zu Ernst, by Robert Schumann, performed by Cristoph Zbinden – Musopen CC BY 3.0. Play this together with the above audio!

The forest is not only a place of health and transcendence. It is also a place where the world is regenerated. Hammer Wood has taught me how much respect, and compassion, the world deserves.

Hammer Wood

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