Gregorius Advena, Free Writer

Are you interested in community life? Do you like sustainability, self-sufficiency and democracy? Then you should read my book Emily and the Hermit. Imagine a dialogue between two friends about common life in a rural setting. Their talk becomes a reflection on peace and justice, on the role of the state, on the best possible life. But it’s also a contemplation of friendship, and how little steps can contribute to a better world.

Do I believe in a world that works exactly like Emily and the Hermit discuss it? I believe their dialogue, however utopian, can provide inspiration. This is a much needed contribution, perhaps the greatest of literature. Every reader has taken something different from this book. Perhaps only a fraction of it will be put into practice. Yet all that matters is to plant the seed, and that’s what this book is doing.

Emily and the Hermit is not for sale. It’s a book above and beyond any market. Do you want to read it? If you live in the UK, I’ll post it to you, just give me an address. Write to go @ (no spaces). After reading it, you have two options. Post it back. Or become a book guardian: Circulate it among your friends for a while. Then post it back. Sustainable, right? It’s an old approach. We call it a circular book.