Gregorius Vatis Advena

A Polyglot Writer

Gregorius Vatis Advena, or Greg Ory, is part of a new generation of writers in the digital age. This site contains some of his polyglot writings.

Cloches à Travers les Feuilles, Debussy performed by Irén Marik – FMA CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

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☞ Bagatelles

Georges Louis présente sa nouvelle anthologie lyrique Bagatelles – un dialogue entre le sublime et le banal. 16. Jun. 2019

☞ A King’s Remorse – Ajatasattu meets the Buddha

King Ajatasattu seeks the Buddha after killing his father – a monologue of remorse and self-discovery in the verse of Gregory Name. 2. Apr. 2019

☞ Abstrações: Epílios de Gregório Barbosa

Efemeridade, anseio, ilusão: Gregório Barbosa reedita a sua antologia Abstrações: Dez epílios hexamétricos entre conflito e introspecção. 16. Apr. 2019

☞ The League of Free Arts – More Important Than Ever

How a project of independent artists is trying to counter the digital monoculture of social media. An homeric mission to save art in the age of Facebook. 21. Oct. 2018

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