The Carolingian Books

The Carolingian Books

The Carolingian Books is a series of printed books. Limited editions are printed either as circular books or on subscription. Circular books are printed to circulate among readers and return to the first reader. This was a practice common in the Carolingian court.

Subscription books are printed and distributed among subscribers. These are a group of supporters who pay for the production of the book. This practice was common in the 18th and 19th century.

Circular Books

Printed in small editions, circular books are more sustainable: Since the same copy is read by many, paper is saved, the environment spared.

The Carolingian Books

Circulation occurs in an open circle or a closed circle. In an open circle, the book is passed from reader to reader without returning to the first reader. In a closed circle, the first reader circulates the book and the book will return to the first reader.

The first reader (A) is an appointed book guardian. For every book, an amount of copies may be assigned to a number of guardians. Our writers are automatically guardians, too. Once a book comes back, the guardian circulates it in a different circle, and so on:

Circular books are owned by the person who commissions the printing. The Carolingian Series is a book commissioner. It ensures its books are printed, circulated free of charge and protected.

Why free of charge?

Collaborating with The League of Free Arts, we believe in art as a sacrifice. When a book can bring a benefit to society, the payment is the difference readers can make after reading it. Our circular books are not for sale.

Subscription Books

Traditional publishing houses have been taken over by the culture industry and its commercial interests. Subscription is a way for writers and readers to interact freely and directly.

The writer or book commissioner presents a literary project on-line. With the support of interested subscribers, the work is edited into a book, printed and distributed among the subscribers.

Subscription printing is closed when the printing ratio is one copy per subscriber, and mixed when extra copies are printed as circular books. The Carolingian Series encourages mixed subscription.

Which Books?

The Carolingian Series has printed the following circular books by Gregory Name:

The series offers an innovative approach to printing. If you want us to produce a circular book of your work, please submit your manuscript to The Carolingian Books.

The series is receptive to poetry, essays, philosophy and short stories. We support in special experimental and avant-garde works.

Supporting Us

Donations enable the printing of books unjustly neglected by the culture industry. These are the books that offer the highest aesthetic ambition and mostly contribute to democracy and enlightenment.

You can also assist us with time and energy. Support is always needed for formatting, proof-reading, cover design and distribution. Contact us!

Let people know about this initiative. Write an article. Send emails. Talk to people personally. Tell three of your friends about it, and you will be making a difference.

The Carolingian Books

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