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© Greg Ory 2016, Announcement: The Carolingian Initiative, by Gregorius Vatis Advena, presenting a series of circular books and a cultural journal.

The Carolingian is an initiative to promote the cultivation and circulation of literature, as well as cultural debate. It comprises a series of printed books and a cultural journal. The name refers to Charlemagne’s court, where literature circulated through letters passing from reader to reader inside a group of literati.

A Carolingian book is not for sale. It can be borrowed and is open for orders from the public. For a detailed introduction to the series, click here.

The Carolingian Series

The Carolingian series is a unique approach to the printing and circulation of books. Circular books are printed in small editions for borrowing only.

Thus, we protect the environment by printing less, while the same book is read by different readers. We promote literature and cultural debate as a non-commercial shared experience.

New titles from the series are regularly announced on the Carolingian journal. Orders can be placed by filling a PDF-form. The circulation of Carolingian books is free of charge.

The Carolingian Journal

The Carolingian journal is a periodical on culture, arts and aesthetics. It features both literary essays and scientific articles in different languages, especially Latin, and is open to contributions.

To subscribe to the journal, please write to with the message “subscribe this e-mail to the Carolingian”.

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