Books for Africa

Books for Africa

Books are the crown of development aid. They may be destroyed, but the knowledge gained from them will stay. We believe in mankind, and we have a heart for Africa. We want to empower it.

Our mission is to bring books to remote regions. A good book is a school in itself. It is the most powerful tool of enlightenment.

Why books?

Books are the cement of development. Much is being done to bring water, food and infrastructure to Africa. Yet catering for basic needs and comfort is not enough to empower people. Without books, the gift of knowledge, the liberation of enlightenment, the effect of aid is palliative.

We see that high standards of technology and comfort are not making rich countries better in terms of democracy, sustainability and enlightenment. This is why we believe in books rather than comfort as an end it itself.

Which books?

We need didactic and scholarly books. The former provide basic education, literacy, numeracy, notions of classical and foreign languages. The latter encourage self-knowledge, critical enquiry and change.

Many books left an indelible impact in our way of thinking. They made a difference in our societies. They showed a way, however imperfect, towards the true, the good and the beautiful. Without their ideas, mankind would be worse off.

The books we need are the major works of philosophy, sociology, classics, linguistics, mathematics and natural sciences. Access to these books should not be the privilege of a few in Europe.


The recipients are schools, libraries and universities in remote communities. Where these are absent, we work with local organisations and households to accommodate, distribute or give access to the books. Access is equal and free of charge.

Logistic Solutions

Remote regions are places of difficult access. Roads are absent, hazardous or dangerous. Reaching people takes time. Internet access is not given. Communities are cut off from the rest of the world. We are dealing mainly with land-locked countries and failed states:

Books for Africa

Our aim is to find ambitious logistic solutions to deliver the books where they should and deserve to be read. To make this happen, we work together with donors, volunteers, experts and service providers.

Printing Solutions

For a better logistic coordination, public domain books should be printed in Africa. For long-term efficiency, we encourage local printing solutions. Produced in small printing houses, books can be distributed regionally.

Supporting Us

Donations enable Books for Africa to finance the purchase, assembly and distribution of books throughout Africa. Believe in your generosity!

You can also donate your time and ideas to assist this initiative. Support is needed from volunteers, experts and providers: Contact us!

It takes more than one or two to make good things happen. Cooperation is better than isolation. Why not contribute to something meaningful?

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